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Name : 1. Sajid Noor; 2. Jehangir Hameed Lone; 3. Umhara Rasool; 4. Tabish Jan; 5. Syed Kashif; 6. Shah Shahid Showkat; 7. Mohammad Zeeshan Dar; 8. Sadaf Bashir

Phone : 6005507383

Email :

University : University of Kashmir

Department : Science and Technology

Patent No : 202311034675

Innovation No : 3771767

Dated : 31-10-2023

Type : Innovation

According to an embodiment, a temperature-controlled bottle with integrated hydration monitoring capabilityis disclosed. The bottle includes a container for liquid storage and a set of Peltier modules configured to regulate the liquid temperature. A series of sensors are employed to monitor parameters such as liquid temperature and remaining volume. The control unit, coupled to the Peltier modules and sensors, maintains the liquid at a desired temperature and monitors the user's consumption pattern. If the user's average liquid consumption falls below a predefined threshold, the control unit generates an alert. An alert unit is included to provide audio, video, or vibratory reminders to the user, encouraging regular liquid intake. This innovative bottle fosters healthier hydration habits by ensuring optimal drinking temperature and providing timely consumption reminders.