Innovation Details

Name : Prof. Babar Ahmad

Phone : 9149413497

Email :

University : NIT Srinagar

Department : Others

Patent No :

Innovation No : 937120

Dated : 27-10-2023

Type : Innovation

The business world has been talking about AI for several years now, the general populace has been interacting with AI for the greater part of a decade thanks to tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix. People have become accustomed to accurate search engines, news and social feeds, and recommendation engines that seem to know us to an uncanny degree. There seems to be a general acceptance of these AI capabilities amongst the general public, and so it makes sense that machine learning would start to make its way into entertainment through other avenues, namely video games and toys. Therefore, we have designed an AI based toy that will identify the objects that are placed in front of it. This will help children to learn in a fun way, with no harmful effects. The toy will be in the form of a doll with embedded camera as its eyes and fully equipped with an AI programmed processor which will recognize the objects and tell a description about them.