Innovation Details

Name : 1. Syed Kashif Jeelani Alvi; 2. Nadia Amin Shiekh; 3. Hilal Ahmad Bhat; 4. Jehangir Hameed lone; 5. Jasmineh Jan; 6. Dr. Abdul Mueed Hafiz; 7. Sajid Noor

Phone : 8899020771

Email :

University : University of Kashmir

Department : Science and Technology

Patent No : 202311043559

Innovation No : 4848666

Dated : 31-10-2023

Type : Innovation

The present invention relates to a wearable device intended for personal safety, security, and health monitoring. The device, designed as a wristband, is outfitted with two sets of sensors. The first set of sensors is tasked with sensing safety 5 parameters related to the wearer's proximity, while the second set of sensors monitors health parameters of the user. These sensors are linked with a control unit that compares detected parameters against preset safety and health thresholds. If any parameter breaches its respective threshold, the control unit generates an alert signal. This alert generation is predicated on the user wearing the wristband, 10 effectively reducing false alarms. Upon generation of an alert, a corresponding remedial action is executed, thereby enhancing the safety and security of the wearer. This invention underscores the value of integrating safety, security, and health monitoring into a single wearable device, fostering enhanced user protection.