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University : University of Kashmir

Department : Science and Technology

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Innovation No : 7709767

Dated : 27-10-2023

Type : Innovation

Water pollution occurs when harmful substances such as chemicals or microorganisms contaminate the water bodies such as rivers, lakes and streams which results in degrading water quality and rendering it toxic to humans or the environment. Due to this problem water pollution is affecting all the living creatures. So to ensure the safe supply of drinking water, its quality needs to be monitored in real time. In recent times technology is a need of hour, with increase in the technology, lives have become better and simpler. Our project is a small step in the field of technology that helps the department to continuously monitor different parameters such as temperature, ph, heavy metals and turbidity of the water. By combining the various sensors with the microcontroller we achieve the aim of helping the water department who are unable to carry out continuous monitoring of the water, the system also helps the department in detecting the heavy metals in the water. We have also added the data storing and time tracking feature in our project which will be useful for the department so that they can access the measured values at a particular time for future purpose. Also a GSM module is used so that our project is applicable for the urban areas where we don’t have good internet connectivity. Moreover our project is low in cost and does not require people on duty. Overall, our project provides a robust solution for ensuring the safety and quality of water, which is crucial for maintaining the health and well-being of humans, animals, and the environment.