Innovation Details

Name : Waseem Ahmad Nadaf

Phone : 8825034477

Email :

University : University of Kashmir

Department : Science and Technology

Patent No :

Innovation No : 7470188

Dated : 05-10-2023

Type : Innovation

while traveling to multiple villages around India, I personally observed that farmers and gardeners use the same type of tools at their farms with a small change in their design because of their geography. These tools have been invented hundreds of years ago and there have not been many changes made to them. also, the techniques which they use while using those tools are old. Also, these tools are so heavy to handle and carry from one place to another. so I decided to come up with some solution to tackle this problem faced by a huge number of people in our country. farmers use a set of tools that have been invented hundreds or thousands of years back, there have not been many changes made to it. also, it becomes very difficult for them to carry these tools to their fields. the unwanted weight and size of these tools result in back pain and other issues. A multipurpose tool that can be used by farmers with new ergonomics and design to reduce their stress and make these tools more portable to carry. Also reducing its cost by reducing the extra size and weight of tools.